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Hot tubs can be really heavy and require immense muscle power to relocate. Plus, even a little crack here or there and your spa is of no use. Hot tubs are really huge investment, and you might not want to take your chances by handing the moving responsibilities to a rookie.

You should place your trust in an experienced, professional moving service, and this is where we are the best. Our movers have the needed skill and experience for draining and safe disassembly. They also make all required connections and reassemble parts when the hot tub is skillfully unloaded and relocated.

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Based on the size and weight of your spa, we provide both the required muscle power for the manual work and the machinery needed for heavy lifting and transporting. A hot water tub can weigh more than 900 pounds without water.

It is essential to have enough hands on deck. Our movers carefully disassemble the tub used proper equipment will for loading onto the truck.

Hand trucks or furniture dollies are used for moving the tub along stairs and other obstacles. Ramps are provided with the truck for loading and unloading. Plywood pieces are kept under the hot tub to create a smooth, flat surface for easy movement.

All the necessary precautions are taken for wrapping your spa to avoid cracks, dents or scratches on its surface. Moving blankets will be used if required. The hot tub will be tied to the truck firmly and transported to the destination.

Whatever may be the size of your spa, we have the appropriate transportation options to make things work, ranging from small sized moving vans to larger trucks.

The whole moving process is done efficiently through a systematic, step by step approach that is managed by a central moving coordinator.

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